Why Sibling Estate Fights Are Different and How an Estate Litigation Attorney Can Help You Overcome the Situation

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Estate litigation can be extremely difficult and emotional due to the high stakes involved. Unfortunately, estate disputes between siblings can add a unique set of challenges that must be dealt with in addition to their regular complexity. Without the proper assistance of an experienced estate attorney, parties may find themselves in over their heads, making the situation worse instead of working towards resolutions. This article will examine why these particular cases differ from others and discuss how an estate litigation attorney can assist.

Financial Issues

While money can be a point of contention in any estate dispute, it is particularly difficult for siblings to handle when the financial stakes are so high. Emotions can run particularly high during these disputes, making matters worse if not managed properly. 

An estate attorney can help you clearly define your legal rights and obligations without letting emotions cloud the process. As such, you and your siblings can fulfill your deceased guardian's last wishes respectfully and with gratitude.

Family Dynamics

Due to the nature of their relationships, siblings often find themselves in intense situations that require unique solutions. A good example is a situation where one sibling feels entitled to a greater share of an estate because they have provided more monetary or emotional support for their parents over the years. In these cases, it's often helpful to have an experienced attorney who can help evaluate how much and what type of support was provided and come up with a fair solution by the law.

Personal Gains Versus Equal Division

When dividing an estate between siblings, it's important to remember that each sibling should receive their fair share — even if one party tries to take advantage of the situation by attempting to gain a greater portion of the assets. 

An experienced attorney can help ensure that no one is taken advantage of during this process by objectively reviewing all the facts and ensuring that the deceased's instructions are followed to the letter.

Mediation Assistance

Estate litigation between siblings can be highly emotional, making it difficult for family members to discuss openly and reach an agreement on their own. An experienced estate attorney can help facilitate mediation between the parties and ensure that everyone's interests are properly represented. An attorney may also objectively suggest alternative courses of action that could help reach a successful resolution.

In conclusion, estate disputes between siblings can be complicated and emotionally charged, making it difficult for family members to come up with their resolution without professional assistance. That's why you shouldn't go through the process without an estate attorney on board. 


25 January 2023

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