Evidence Suppression When You've Been Accused Of A Crime

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If you have been charged with a crime and you think the evidence against you is circumstantial at best, it's time to consult with a qualified criminal law attorney to discuss your case. Depending on how the evidence was obtained, you may be able to get the evidence thrown out of court. This is done by filing a motion to suppress evidence, which allows the judge to take a hard look at the evidence against you, how the evidence was collected, and make a determination as to whether the evidence can be used in your case or not.

22 December 2015

3 Reasons To Employ An Estate Attorney

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The key to getting through life with greater ease simply involves taking the time to plan. If you own an estate, you will want to make the proper arrangements for your family when you die. This is the best way to avoid putting a burden on your family and can assist your case in getting through the court system faster. If you are an estate owner, you may be interested in the many reasons to rely on an estate attorney to assist you.

7 December 2015

Why You Should Hire A Patent Lawyer To Protect Your New Business

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If you are in the process of launching a start up and you have a new idea to introduce into the market, you are obviously going to be very interested in protecting that idea. Thankfully, filing a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can provide the legal protection you seek. That said, the process of filing a patent may be something you are not familiar with. This is where a patent lawyer can come in quite handy.

18 November 2015

Serving Divorce Papers: 4 Ways To Get It Done


As the person asking for a divorce, you are known as the petitioner. The petitioner needs to inform the court that you want to file a petition for divorce. You must also notify your spouse. Although each state has its own set of requirements when it comes to serving divorce paperwork to a spouse, here are a few process service methods that you can consider and what it entails: 1. Personal Service

1 November 2015

How To Ensure A Good Fit Between You And Your Family Law Attorney

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Your divorce may have come and gone, but if you still have to deal with an angry, vengeful ex, then you need to keep a lawyer in your back pocket. You also need a family law attorney who is a good fit with you, your children and your expectations of what you want or hope to accomplish every time you return to court. If you do not have a lawyer that is passionate about his or her work, you may find that you are frequently frustrated with either a lack of results or the wrong results in your case.

14 October 2015

Breaking Up Is Easy To Do...Sometimes: 3 States And Their Weird Divorce Laws

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States have been busy updating their family law rules, passing new legislation designed to make it easier for people to marry in the case of same sex couples, and passing other laws to help estranged spouses move on with life after separation and divorce. While most of these laws won't affect you unless you live in one of these states, the new laws remind all couples to understand the legal aspects of marriage and divorce.

5 October 2015

Examples of Situations Where You Are Not Restricted to Workers Compensation for Injuries at Work

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In the normal state of affairs, injuries at work are compensated by workers compensation benefits. However, there are exceptions to this exclusivity, and you may be allowed to file personal injury claims in addition or instead of a workers' compensation claim. Here are three examples of such situations: Your Employer Causes You Intentional Injury You may succeed with a personal injury claim or lawsuit if you can prove that your employer intentionally caused your injury.

10 September 2015

Take The Breathalyzer Test Or Not? Which Is Better For You?

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If you are ever stopped by a police officer and asked to submit to a field breathalyzer test, you have the right to refuse. You can also refuse to take a field sobriety test. However, there are pros and cons to refusing to abide with the officer's request. Knowing the following information can help you decide the best course of action if you are ever stopped by a law enforcement officer after you have had a few drinks.

20 August 2015

3 Ways An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You During The Settlement Process

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After an auto accident, your main concern may be getting your compensation as soon as possible. Settling with the at-fault driver's insurance company is usually the easiest way to do this, though it will take time and effort. Below are three ways an auto accident attorney can help you through the settlement process and how you'll benefit from their services. Collect the Information Needed Settling an auto accident case isn't as easy as requesting compensation.

6 August 2015

Should You Sue Or Settle Your Auto Accident Personal Injury Claim?

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You may have visions of needing to go to court to settle your auto accident personal injury claim, but there is a chance that you will be able to settle your claim with the other party outside of court. There are different advantages to suing and settling that you must understand before you make a decision about what you want to do. Settlement Less Risk A main reason that many people decide to settle outside of court is that they are afraid of what a jury will decide.

23 July 2015