Handing Over The Burden: Understanding The Role Of Your Personal Injury Attorney


When dealing with the effects of a car wreck where you were injured at the hands of another driver, you are just naturally worried about getting your life back to normal. While you are longing for your injuries to get better so that you can get back to living and working, you are also likely stressing out about your financial situation. These burdens can seem enormous, but you need to focus on healing from your injuries.

29 December 2017

Be Understanding, But Only To A Point: Buying Tenant-Occupied Property


Buying a property that is currently occupied by a tenant can be tricky because you have to balance your needs with the tenant's, as well as with state laws regarding this type of transfer. On paper the situation seems simple; you buy, tenant leaves, you move in. But the current rental market, state laws, and tenant disobedience can all make that simple procedure into a much more complicated situation. If you have your eye on a tenant-occupied property, you should be careful about how you approach dealing with the tenant, and consulting a real-estate attorney is essential.

3 December 2017

Four Tips To Help Your Divorce Go Smoothly

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When you decide to get a divorce, it's normal to feel a sense of relief as you realize there will be an end to the trying relationship you've been struggling to maintain. However, it's also normal to feel a bit apprehensive about the divorce process, especially if you've had friends who have gone through particularly nasty divorces. While you cannot completely control how your spouse reacts to the idea of divorce, there are some things you can do to ensure your own divorce goes more smoothly.

7 November 2017

3 Benefits Of Having A Mediated Divorce

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If you're going through a troubling marriage and decide to get a divorce, you may want to consider a mediated one. This could be the key to helping your get on with your life in the least stressful way. Working with a mediator and legal experts to help you settle the financial aspects of parting ways with each other is sure to be an effective way to do so. Being aware of some of the benefits of having a mediated divorce can be of great assistance to you.

27 January 2017

Four Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Approval For Disability

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Social Security provides supplemental income for people with long-term disabilities. Although many people apply for these benefits, it is common for an application to be denied. The following are four things you can do to increase your chances of acceptance. Do not rush through the process Make sure you understand the entire application process and the specific documentation that the Social Security Administration is looking for. One mistake that is often made is with the need for original documents.

18 January 2017

How To Treat A Workplace Repetitive Strain Injury

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Workplace repetitive strain injuries are one of the more common injuries in the workplace. Tasks that have you doing a repetitive motion that strains certain muscles, maintaining an awkward position for lengthy amounts of time, or doing a task that repeatedly puts force on a specific bone can all lead to these injuries. It could be something as simple as typing for many hours a day or from something like repeatedly hammering in an uncomfortable body position.

5 January 2017