Considering Court? 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Co-parenting Relationship

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Co-parenting can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort. When you are able to put your differences aside and work together for the benefit of your children, everyone wins. If you're struggling to get along with your ex, a family law attorney can help. In this post, you will learn three things you can request in court that may improve your co-parenting relationship.

1) Co-Parenting Communication Apps

Tired of arguing with your ex at pickups and dropoffs or dodging their angry calls? Consider having an attorney from a local family law firm file a motion for a co-parenting app. This will allow you to communicate about parenting matters without having to actually speak to one another.

Co-parenting apps can help you keep track of expenses, schedule visitation, and document custody agreements. They can also be a safe space to vent about your frustrations with your ex if you choose an app with a private journal feature. Just make sure you are respectful and refrain from using the app to argue with one another. After all, a judge can read whatever you write, as conversations from co-parenting apps are often admissible in court.

2) Co-Parenting Counseling

If you're struggling to co-parent, it may be helpful to seek counseling. A trained professional can help you and your ex learn how to communicate with one another and resolve conflict. Counseling can also teach you how to co-parent without putting your children in the middle.

You can ask your family law attorney to file a motion for co-parenting counseling, or you can attend counseling sessions on your own. If you decide to go the latter route, make sure to choose a counselor who is experienced in dealing with custody matters.

Some therapists also offer family counseling, which can be beneficial if you are facing challenges with your children. For example, you and your ex may find it helpful to attend family counseling if your teen has a substance abuse problem or wants to drop out of high school. Family counseling provides a safe space where everyone can share their concerns.

3) A Parent Coordinator

Parents with 50/50 legal custody often find themselves arguing about medical providers, school enrollment, and other issues. With help from a family law firm, you can get a court-appointed parent coordinator. A parent coordinator is a neutral, third-party professional who can help you and your ex make decisions about your children.

A parent coordinator is not a therapist, but they are trained to mediate disputes between parents. Parent coordinators typically have a background in psychology, social work, or counseling. They can help you and your ex work through issues together and have a more effective co-parenting relationship.

Court can be stressful, but the right family law firm can also help you strengthen your co-parenting relationship. If you need help with a co-parenting situation, reach out to a family law attorney today.

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23 May 2022

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