Why Sibling Estate Fights Are Different and How an Estate Litigation Attorney Can Help You Overcome the Situation

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Estate litigation can be extremely difficult and emotional due to the high stakes involved. Unfortunately, estate disputes between siblings can add a unique set of challenges that must be dealt with in addition to their regular complexity. Without the proper assistance of an experienced estate attorney, parties may find themselves in over their heads, making the situation worse instead of working towards resolutions. This article will examine why these particular cases differ from others and discuss how an estate litigation attorney can assist.

25 January 2023

Verbal Threats Are A Crime In Some States

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In the heat of the moment, you may find yourself saying things that you don't actually mean. These can include aggressive language or threats. While this is always a bad idea, some threats are considered to be protected free speech and other threats might lead to criminal charges.  Penalties for Criminal Threats In states that prohibit criminal threats, the type of threats that are considered criminal are those that threaten serious bodily harm or death.

3 January 2023