Stop And Go: Handling The Ups And Downs Of Your Separation

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As you get ready to part ways with your spouse, the transition period spanning marriage and singledom can be a time of both growth and sorrow. It's vital that you make the most of the separation period by learning more about the potential rollercoaster ride that separation could be. Read on and find out more.

Stop the fighting – You and your spouse will need every ounce of cooperation to divorce in a way that is fair, smooth, and agreeable. Begin to remove the emotional aspect of your relationship from important decisions that will affect your future. You may need to seek counseling, meditate, and generally take better care of yourself by eating right, getting good sleep, and exercising.

Go to a lawyer – the sooner you seek legal advice, the less likely you are to have problems with your separation. Though it might not be required in every state, it's very wise to speak to your lawyer about covering your separation in a blanket of protective orders. You can, and should, seek child support as soon as you are no longer living under one roof with your spouse. That is only the beginning of the scope of a legal separation agreement though. Tricky issues like who gets the use of the only family vehicle and who should pay joint marital bills can also be resolved and ordered.

Stop making things difficult for your children The court uses a protective stance on children when it comes to divorce and it's probably time for you to begin thinking like the court does. That can be difficult when you and your spouse don't agree on things. However, things will go a lot smoother if you put your children first in all matters. When you and your spouse cannot agree on aspects of child custody and visitation, the judge won't consider what your thoughts or desires are – they are bound to do what is right for the child only.

Go slowly and do it right You may be eager to have your divorce over with tomorrow, and that is only natural. Divorce, though, is not a single action but a series of actions, orders, hearings, subpoenas, depositions, mediation sessions, and more. Getting in a rush to get the final petition complete too soon could leave you regretting things later. In most cases, you cannot go back and make changes after the judge signs the petition.

You can ride the separation rollercoaster more successfully by speaking to a divorce lawyer. For more information, visit a site like


14 March 2022

Choosing To Fight

Although I am far from perfect, I have focused on abiding by the local laws for the vast majority of my life. Unfortunately, about five years ago, I realized that I was being accused of a crime that I didn't commit. I thought about letting the trial run its course, but then I realized that fighting would be important to ensure my future. I teamed up with a great lawyer, and things became much easier overnight. My legal counsel told me what to do and what to avoid, and he was able to prove the facts in a court of law. This blog is all about choosing to fight charges.