Claims Denied After An Accident? Learn What To Do

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Knowing what to do after a car accident is hard. Accident victims have enough on their hands without having to cope with the intricacies of a claim for damages. What makes matters worse is when you begin to get denials from the insurer. Read on to learn some common reasons claims get denied and now to handle it. 

  1. Your medical expenses are disallowed because you failed to mitigate your injuries. This means that the insurer is trying to deny you payment of your medical bills because they believe your actions could have made your injuries worse. When you don't immediately seek medical treatment, it leaves a gap in your proof of injuries. The wider the gap, the more difficult it will be to be paid. The lack of a (proven) injury could mean you cannot seek any damages except a vehicle repair.
  2. The other driver is claiming that you caused the accident. In most cases, you must file a claim with your own insurer if you were at fault. If you disagree with the other driver, it's time to speak to a personal injury lawyer and have the accident investigated. Your lawyer will seek statements from witnesses and use experts and law enforcement information to prove that you are the victim of the accident.
  3. You are being pressured to settle now. This tactic is meant to create fear in victims about the outcome of the case. Insurers for the other driver may tell you that you have a weak case, and you should just take the low offer and walk away. Never sign an accident settlement without the help of a personal injury lawyer.
  4. The claim denial states that you had previous injuries that are causing you problems and the recent accident had no effect on you. Citing preexisting injuries or medical conditions is a common way of not accepting responsibility for your medical bills. If they are successful, it could affect not only the payment of your medical expenses, but it might also negatively affect your ability to be paid for other common accident forms of damages. Those include lost wages and pain and suffering. This issue deserves professional support so speak to a personal injury lawyer about proving that your previous injury is separate from the injuries of your recent crash.
  5. You are frustrated by the poor customer service from the other insurer. Some insurers use poor customer service to put off paying claims that they know are inevitable. If you are having a difficult time with the insurer, speak to your personal injury lawyer. A demand letter will be sent to the insurer threatening to take them to court if they don't pay you what you deserve. 

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14 March 2022

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