3 Instances When You Are More Likely To Contact A Real Estate Lawyer

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Most people have heard something about real estate lawyers, but they really don't know when to hire them. A real estate lawyer plays a critical role, more so when handling a real estate transaction. You need to be extra careful with any real estate transactions because they can lead you to serious problems. Some of these transactions go wrong when a real estate lawyer isn't involved. Where possible, you should consult the lawyer before you move on with any real estate transaction. Here's when you are more likely to contact a real estate lawyer.

When Buying Your Family a Home

Buying a home is usually an incredible investment for you and your family. However, you need to be extra careful with the process to avoid unforeseen issues. A real estate lawyer will play a critical role because they will help you review all the documents involved. They will look at the purchase agreement to ensure conflicts between you and the property seller won't arise. The lawyer will also perform a thorough title search to ensure the certificate of title is genuine and that there are no outstanding permits. If you need a mortgage to buy the home, the lawyer will help you get all the necessary documents and monitor the application process to avoid unexpected delays.

When the Time to Sell Your Home Comes

After buying or building a home, you may decide to sell it for various reasons. The selling process involves a lot of things that might lead to legal issues if you are not careful. So contact a real estate lawyer because they will help you gather all the documents needed to close the deal. The lawyer will review documents like the listing agreement just to ensure they are prepared properly. 

They will also ensure you include all relevant enclosures to avoid conflicts later. And because you may be tempted to quickly accept the offer from the buyer, the lawyer will review the current conditions to determine if you should accept them or set new conditions. If there are any issues with the homeowners' insurance, condo fees, or property tax, the lawyer will help resolve them.

When You Need to Refinance Your Home

You will sometimes need to refinance your home for various reasons. The refinancing process might seem simple, but it can be problematic in many ways if you don't pay attention to the legal aspects involved. For this reason, it's advisable to consult a real estate lawyer to make the refinancing process as flawless as possible. The lawyer will answer all your questions concerning home refinancing and help you prepare the right documents. They will then review the documents and the lender's instructions and guide you throughout the mortgage application process.


27 December 2021

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