What Kind Of Evidence Should You Gather After A Car Accident?

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Whether your accident is a rollover, a hit-and-run, or a head-on collision, you should have ample evidence, as it determines the car accident claim outcome. After seeking immediate medical attention, you should find a personal injury lawyer to help you start gathering evidence as soon as possible. Here are the main types of evidence that a lawyer will typically need for your case.

The Report From Police Officers 

The police are always busy at the scene of accidents putting together a report of what happened. Although it is not conclusive, it is still a crucial piece of evidence, so you should not leave the scene without a copy. Request a copy even if you do not agree with every detail therein. This official report might help your lawyer prove your innocence.

Pictures of the Scene Where the Accident Occurred

Assuming you have sustained minimal injuries and are still searching for a lawyer to help with the investigations, you should take pictures of the scene from all angles. These include skid marks and debris from the collision. Additionally, it would help if you took photos of all nearby road signs, as this evidence can help prove who was wrong. If the other driver claims they could not see you, there will be pictures to show whether their statement is true or not. Lastly, have images of the vehicle showing the extent of the impact. 

Testimonials From Witnesses

After an accident, both of you should exchange contact and insurance information. Failing to do that is considered a hit-and-run situation that is punishable by law. That is why you need to be alert on the road and note the vehicle's license plate number just in case they try to make a run for it. On top of this, you should get witness testimonies to help prove who caused the accident. These witnesses could be fellow drivers or pedestrians.

Burden Of Proof Evidence

Instead of going to court, you should first try mediation. However, if the matter gets too complicated and you cannot agree on a settlement, you might have to take the issue to court. In court, you will need to prove your case. The evidence usually entails your version of the story, claims of lost wages, and personal injuries. These could be in the form of photographs, medical bills, documents, and witness statements.

You should confirm with your car accident lawyer about all the evidence they need for the case. All in all, these are the kinds of evidence they use when dealing with a car accident. Contact an auto accident attorney to learn more.


15 November 2021

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