What Every Divorcing Couple Needs To Know About The Separation Period

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Parting ways before the divorce is final is the traditional way to transition into single life. This period may also be extremely stressful for most parties and their children. As you experience this transition, keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. You might not realize it yet, but the way things go during the separation can be a preview of what to expect with your divorce. Avoid conflict, be respectful, and use patience when dealing with separation and divorce issues.
  2. Being married, as you might already know, provides couples with many benefits. With a separation, couples can still enjoy things like the tax benefits, healthcare coverage, and other financial perks without having to cope with each other every day.
  3. Did you know that the judge has the power to issue domestic orders during the separation? Speak to your divorce lawyer about addressing your needs. Temporary orders having to do with child custody, property, and debt can help smooth things over and provide a framework for later, more permanent orders with the divorce. For instance, temporary orders can provide one party with the use of the family car, provide temporary spousal support, and more. If you do ask for spousal support, be ready to show why it's needed. For example, you might need more job training before you can get a job.
  4. Consider making some separation plans and then having them drawn up by your lawyer. You and your spouse can make some decisions about the major issues and then a legal separation agreement can be created. Some couples skip this step thinking that the divorce is imminent only to find things dragging on for months and months. Once you have a good plan in place, you can address divorce issues without worrying about your current situation.
  5. Not all couples that separate end up getting a divorce. In many cases, separated couples take this time to get marriage counseling and think about how they want to go forward. A legal separation helps establish some rules and guidelines while the parties work on their marriage. If they reconcile, any separation plans become void.
  6. Finally, separation allows the parties to better prepare for life as a single person. You can adjust to being on your own and slowly get used to doing things without your spouse.

Get together with your spouse and make some plans for how you want your separation period to go. Then, speak to a divorce lawyer about making those plans legal and binding.

For more information, speak with a family attorney in your area.


31 August 2021

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