Cardiovascular Problems And Applying For SSDI: What To Know

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When your heart gives you problems, it can make things very difficult. You may have difficulties not only doing your job but with daily activities. While Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can provide some financial help for former workers, it can be challenging to get benefits. If cardiovascular issues are plaguing you, read below for some important SSDI tips.

Don't Give Up on SSDI

Sad to say, but most people that apply SSDI don't get accepted right away. They are turned down for one reason or another but all can appeal the ruling. When it comes to cardiovascular diseases, the Social Security Administration (SSA) definitely covers them but proving that you are afflicted with heart problems can be difficult. That is why it's so important to do two things after you get a denial letter from the SSA. One is to pay attention to a deadline for filing an appeal. The other is to talk to a Social Security lawyer about your denial and prepare for your appeal hearing.

Understanding the Appeal Hearing

Almost all appeals are a second chance to show that you were denied in error and the SSDI appeal hearing is no different. However, you are allowed to introduce new evidence or proof of your condition at this appeal hearing and it's important to do so. As you work with a Social Security lawyer to prepare for your appeal hearing, keep in mind the following:

  1. Social Security lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only have to pay for their services if they get you benefits and then they are paid a small percentage of your back pay.
  2. For applicants, that means no upfront money is needed to get the expertise you need to get your claim approved.
  3. One important aspect of approval rests with showing that you have a heart condition. To that end, your lawyer may ask you to be examined by a cardiologist and have certain diagnostic exams performed.
  4. Another lesser-known requirement of being approved for benefits is showing how your condition affects your ability to do your job. That should not be a problem as long as your lawyer can show how exhaustion, weakness, and related conditions prevent you from performing even sedentary tasks. The SSA hearing officer also needs to understand that you cannot work at other jobs.

Don't waste any time before contacting a lawyer to help you push your appeal through and get approval. You may be amazed at the difference having a Social Security law professional at your side will bring to your case.


31 August 2021

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