Long-Distance Divorce: How A Divorce Attorney Can Help

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It's no secret that long-distance relationships can be difficult. However, what you may not realize is that ending a relationship can also be quite complicated if you and your spouse are now living in different cities or states. This is because in order for a judge to issue a divorce decree, the court must first establish personal jurisdiction over both parties. While this jurisdiction is automatic if both you and your spouse reside in the same county, things can get much more complex when attempting to end your marriage from a distance. Thankfully a divorce attorney can help to make this situation a bit easier and a lot less stressful for you. 

Waiving Personal Jurisdiction

When it comes to the issue of jurisdiction in long-distance divorce cases, the easiest way to address this problem is for one party to voluntarily waive jurisdiction. Unless your spouse is feeling generous and chooses to travel to your location and waive their rights to personal jurisdiction, you will need to file your divorce petition with the court where your spouse currently lives and then waive your right to jurisdiction with that court. Completing just this portion of the process could mean traveling back and forth to your spouse's location on a few separate occasions. Not only can this become time consuming, but it can also become quite expensive, depending on how far you need to travel. Choosing to hire a divorce attorney in the location where you intend to file can help to make this process much easier since they will be able to file all necessary paperwork with the court on your behalf.

Negotiating A Settlement

It is always ideal for divorcing spouses to reach a settlement agreement regarding the distribution of marital assets and debts. While some spouses will be able to agree on the terms of their divorce settlement relatively quickly, others will require the help of mediation services to assist in reaching a compromise that both parties are comfortable with. In some cases these negotiations can take several weeks or even months to complete and may involve multiple offers and counteroffers before a final settlement can be drafted. Hiring a divorce attorney to represent you in these negotiations will not only make the process easier by allowing you to avoid the need for travel, but it can also help to reduce the stress that comes along with the negotiations process if you find that you and your spouse struggle to effectively communicate. 


22 June 2021

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