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Defamation of character is what it is called when someone says something about you that is not true but you still suffer because what they have said has a negative impact on your reputation. Not only can this be bad for an individual, but it can be very bad for a company. Lies that are told and believed by people can cause individuals to lose friends, cause them to have problems within their family, cause them to lose their job, cause them to get dirty looks from neighbors, and much more. If you are an individual who has been a victim of untrue rumors, then you want to learn more about defamation and what it is that you can do about the situation. The information below can be helpful. 

There are different types of defamation

Slander - Slander is what it is called when someone causes harm to your reputation by saying things about you verbally. They don't need to say these things in a certain setting in order for it to fall under defamation of character. They may say things in a setting that will be heard from many people, such as over the TV, on the radio, or in a video on the Internet. Or, they may spread these rumors by telling one person at a time. In fact, they may have only ever told one person. However, this can be enough for the rumor to become known by many people and have a big negative impact on your life. 

Libel - Libel is a type of defamation that is done in the form of writing. Now, if the person writes a letter to you in which they say things that aren't true, then this isn't defamation because no one else would know about it unless you were to show them the letter yourself. However, if they wrote the lies to anyone else or in a way that would allow the information to be read by anyone else, then this would fall under defamation. This information can be written in a newspaper, a magazine, a letter posted where people could see it, a letter to someone other than yourself, a billboard, a poster, the Internet, or in any other printed form. If their written lie about you is seen by someone else and causes you to experience negative repercussions, then this would be defamation. 

You should get a lawyer

Unfortunately, stopping a rumor once it starts is difficult, and in many cases, it is impossible. However, a good place to start is by proving without a doubt that the rumor was in fact a lie. A great way to do this is to prove it in court. This is why you should get yourself a lawyer and sue the person for defamation. Once you win your case, you will have proof that the information is not true. Plus, you will be able to be compensated for any losses you incurred due to the defamation, such as lost wages. You can also get compensated for other losses. For example, if the lie cost you your marriage, then this would be something else you could be financially compensated for.

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20 July 2020

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