Why Your Condo Association Might Need An Attorney

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If you live in a condo or a townhome, chances are high that you live in a community that is managed by a housing association. Your condo's housing association helps create rules and regulations for the local community that all residents are expected to follow. If you are a part of your community's housing organization, one consideration you might want to think about is hiring an association attorney. Here's how working with a lawyer can benefit your association and the community at large.

Community Associations Are Run By Volunteers, Not Legal Experts

Most community associations are run by people who live within that community and who want to step up and ensure their area remains a nice place to live. This could mean asking all residents to follow certain rules or to comply with certain restrictions. Examples might mean setting up "quiet hours" within the complex or putting up signs that state when people are allowed to use certain on-site facilities. But while you and the other volunteers may mean well, you are probably not legal experts when it comes to these kinds of subjects. An association attorney can look over any rules or regulations you want to create and let you know if they are actually enforceable or not.

You Need Legal Backing to Actually Take Action

From time to time, it's possible that a dispute could arise between the community association and a resident within the community. Maybe someone doesn't agree with a certain rule or regulation and wants to go their own way. If you want people to actually comply with your association's guidelines, you need the legal means to enforce your rules when necessary. Having a lawyer on your side who knows local housing law can help you with that enforcement. This could include sending a letter from the association to the condo owner who is not complying. Further legal action may be on the table as well if changes aren't made.

Resolve Disputes with the Owner

Do multiple residents of your condo or townhome complex have problems with the current ownership? If the owner of the building or real estate is not holding up his or her end of the bargain when it comes to creating a good place to live, you might have residents who get fed up and want to do something about it. A community association is typically run by the residents and is not beholden to the townhome or condo owner. The association attorney you hire could reach out to the owner on behalf of the residents to inquire about a resolution to your problems.


9 March 2020

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