4 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Auto Accident Case

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After being involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you could be thinking about filing a lawsuit against the responsible party and his or her insurance company. This is common, and it can help you with things like paying your medical bills and making up for lost income related to the accident. There are certain mistakes that some people make when handling these cases, though, that can cost them their case. You'll obviously want to avoid making any serious mistakes that can cost you your auto accident case, so watch out for these common issues.

1. Not Hiring an Attorney

If your case seems pretty cut and dried, such as if the accident clearly was not your fault, then you might think that you will be able to handle the case without the help of an attorney. However, these cases can be more complicated than they seem. You probably aren't going to want to handle your case on your own; instead, hire an attorney to assist you with each step.

2. Not Hiring the Right Attorney

It's not enough to hire an attorney; you'll need to make sure that you hire the right lawyer for the job. Find someone who has experience in the field of auto accident law. Go in for a consultation, and talk to the attorney in person before hiring him or her. Then, you can make sure that you are hiring someone who is experienced and who seems to care about your case. By hiring the right attorney, you can help make sure that the job is being handled by a qualified person and that the person who is working on your case will do what he or she can to help you win.

3. Not Providing Enough Evidence

You're going to need evidence to prove your case. If you don't turn in the police report and any other evidence that your attorney asks you for in a timely manner, then this will make it hard for your lawyer to prove your case.

4. Not Following Through with Doctor's Appointments

Going to the doctor for any accident-related injuries is important. Not only is it important for your health, but it's important for your case. For example, you might be asked to go in for an independent medical examination. If you skip this, then it can cause problems for your auto accident case.

If you don't want to do anything to jeopardize your auto accident case, then you will want to avoid the four mistakes listed above. Additionally, you'll want to follow any advice that you are given by your attorney when it comes to handling your case. For more information, contact law firms like Kaston & Aberle.


29 May 2019

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