Six Things You Can Do To Lower Your Company's Lawsuit Risk

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Lawsuits regularly devastate small businesses. However, they can be avoided in most cases by small business owners who take the proper precautions.

You need to be aware of the lawsuit risk and plan around it to ensure the continued success of your small business. The following are six things you should be doing to lower your company's risk of having to deal with a lawsuit:

Always have contracts drawn up by an experienced attorney

Contracts are important tools for protecting your company's interests and avoiding lawsuits. A contract is a document that clearly shows the terms of professional dealings you have with other entities. By having contracts drawn up when dealing with others and sticking to the contract terms, you can make it much more difficult for others to successfully file lawsuits against you. You can contact a small business lawyer in your area for more information.

Make sure your company is incorporated

Incorporating your company separates your own personal assets from those of the company. This can often make it so that other entities have much less reason to sue you because far fewer assets can be acquired by suing your company. As your company grows, it becomes increasingly important to incorporate it to make it less of a target and protect your personal finances. 

Be careful who you do business with

Don't fall into the temptation to do business with other companies or individuals with questionable reputations. Even if your company has an excellent reputation, that reputation can be dragged down if you're shown to be partnering with a company using sneaky business practices. An unwise association could eventually drag your company into a costly lawsuit if you're not careful.

Understand the importance of record-keeping

Accurate records are important for protecting you when problems come up. They can help to vindicate you against lawsuit accusations, and they can improve the reliability and trust that others have in your company. 

Communicate effectively with business partners

Companies and individuals you do business with will be less likely to develop qualms with your company's operations if you put effort into communicating with them constantly and promptly. Keep your business partners informed about the status of any work you're handling for them. You should also be honest and transparent in each interaction. 

Write down your company's policies

By writing down and carefully implementing company policies, you can ensure that your staff members are carrying out work tasks the right way. When you're laying out company policies, you can evaluate any lawsuit risks you have and create policies that will mitigate these risks effectively. 


27 March 2019

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