Defective Products: When You Definitely Should Sue

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Defective products are all around you. Most days and times you shrug off what happens, declare "That is what happens when you buy cheap stuff!", and move on. However, when the products cost you a lot more money, you cannot shake it off. Defective products can also damage or hurt you. That is the time to take legal action. The following reasons all show when you should definitely sue the manufacturer for a defective product.

It Hurts, Maims, or Kills

Without a shadow of a doubt, when a product hurts, maims, or kills because it is defective, you need to sue. Your injuries are no laughing matter, as evidenced by the stack of medical bills in the mail. If you are a survivor of someone who was killed by a defective product, you should sue for the family member's lost life, medical bills, and funeral expenses.

The Company Does Not Recall the Product after Dozens of Injuries and/or Deaths

Recently, a permanent form of birth control was finally pulled from U. S. markets after dozens of women died and hundreds more suffered excruciating, debilitating pain and infections. The product was defective because it continuously broke into pieces during the insertion process. This was already a well-known fact because European markets stopped selling it almost a decade before. Women who survived this process are currently suing because the manufacturer knew and refused to recall the product.

The Company Falsifies Information

Car companies wanting to sell more cars that appeal to people who are "pro-Earth" have falsified reports. These car manufacturers lied and had to be cornered into telling the truth. They lost millions, but consumers won. If any company lies to you about what a product can do, and then the product cannot and does not deliver, sue.

The Company or Seller Refuses to Refund Your Money

When you spend a ton of money on something, you expect it to work a specific way. When it does not work, you expect to get a refund/get your money back. It is quite shocking when it happens, but some companies refuse to refund money, even when a product is defective. In these cases, you should sue because anything greater than a couple of hundred dollars should be refunded, no hassles and no questions asked. The manufacturer or seller gets the "prize" of an item back, and you get your money back, plus extra for pain and suffering.

For more information, contact your local defective products law office. 


2 September 2018

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