3 Complicated Situations When Hiring A Child Custody Attorney Is Best

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There are times when a child custody lawyer is brought in right when two parents split up, but there are just as many cases where there is no immediate need for a child custody lawyer because two people agree about custodial arrangements. However, it is not uncommon for complications to come up somewhere after the arrangements have been made that warrant hiring a child custody lawyer. It is always best to have a lawyer to guide you when things start getting complicated regarding child custody. Check out this short list of situations when hiring a lawyer to help you out will be in your best interest. 

1. The other parent starts disregarding the prior custody arrangement. 

maybe you show up to get your child on your weekend to have them and the other parent and your child are nowhere to be found. Perhaps you have been expecting the other parent to pick the child up for their week and they are missing in action. When the other parent starts disregarding the prior custody arrangement, it is definitely time to get an attorney. Most often, you will end up back in court to reconfigure your child custody arrangement if one parent is disregarding the rules.

2. The other parent moves out of state or wants to move out of state. 

When child custody arrangements take place across state borders, things can be really complicated. This is because every state has their own child custody laws to be followed, and sometimes, these laws between states can be quite different. If the other parent wants to move out of state, it can also make it complicated to get the child back and forth for visits as previously arranged. Make sure you get in touch with an attorney before the move so you can get everything worked out before the move actually happens. 

3. The other parent is suspected of abusing your child. 

It is never easy to suspect that your child could be in danger with the other parent. Whether you suspect there is drug use around the child, some form of physical or verbal abuse, or some other dangerous situation, it is best to consult with a good attorney for advice. A lot of parents start withholding the child from the other parent without first consulting with a child custody attorney, and this can further complicate the whole situation because technically, you withholding the child is also breaking the court's rules.  


9 June 2018

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