Don't Take Chances With Your Workers Compensation Claim: 4 Steps To Help You Avoid Problems

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If you've been injured in a work-related accident, you want to avoid doing anything that could jeopardize your workers compensation case. That includes waiting too long to file a report, and failing to hire an attorney. However, there are other missteps you can take that can cause also cause problems for you. If you've filed a workers compensation claim, here are four steps you can take to avoid issues with your case.

Stick to the Facts

When it comes to filing a workers compensation claim, the most important thing you can do is stick to the facts. As soon as you're able to, write down exactly what you remember about the accident, including where you were, who was nearby, how the accident occurred, and what type of injuries you sustained. When filling out reports, talking to doctors, and giving statements to the insurance company, stick to those facts. That way, all of your information always stays the same.

Avoid Recorded Statements

The insurance company is going to try and get you to provide a recorded statement. You want to avoid doing that, especially if you haven't talked to your attorney about it. In most cases, insurance companies want you to provide a recorded statement so that they can catch you changing your story. Even the slightest variation caught on tape can come back and cause trouble for you later on. To avoid problems, never provide a recorded statement unless your attorney advises you to do so.

Control the Medical Records Release

When it comes to your medical records, the insurance company is going to want copies of everything. In most cases, they'll have you sign a medical authorization form. Before you sign the authorization form, make sure that it's only for your medical records that pertain to the work-related accident. You don't want the insurance company to get their hands on all your medical records. First, they don't need access to all your medical records. Second, once they have them, they'll try to find something that they can use to deny your workers compensation claim. Protect yourself by controlling the medical records that the insurance company is allowed to obtain.

Take an Attorney with You to Court Hearings

If you're involved in a workers compensation case, you'll be required to attend all court hearings. It's important that your attorney attend all those hearings with you. In fact, in some cases, your attorney will be able to attend the hearings in your place, which means you won't need to be there.


5 April 2018

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