Important Things To Know Regarding Worker's Compensation Claims

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There are few events that can have more important consequences that experiencing a workplace accident that leads to you suffering serious injuries. These injuries can derail your career and cause you to require extensive medical treatment to overcome. While worker's compensation coverage is available to many individuals, they might not have all of the information that they will need to make informed choices regarding workers compensation claims.

You May Not Have To Pay Upfront For Representation

When you are faced with the prospect of filing a workers compensation claim, it can be extremely beneficial to have professional representation throughout this process. When individuals have this type of representation, they will be able to better anticipate what will occur as they file for these benefits, and they will be better positioned to contest denials or other complications that may arise. At the end of the proceedings, the attorney will be paid a portion of the settlement from the insurance company, and if you are concerned about this depleting much of your award, you should know that there are caps in place that limit what the attorney can be paid.

Your Employer Cannot Retaliate Against You

While workplace accidents are a fairly routine problem, there are many employees that will be very skeptical of filing a workers compensation claim against their employer. Often, these workers will have worries about retaliation from their boss in response to this type of filing. However, there are very strict laws in place that are designed to prevent this type of behavior on the part of the employer. Employers that engage in this type of behavior will expose them to a number of punitive measures. This can include a lawsuit from the victimized employee, fines from the government or a revocation of their business license. In the event that you suspect you are the victim of retaliation, it is imperative to seek counsel as quickly as possible. This will allow you to know how to proceed so that any evidence of the retaliation is preserved for the legal proceedings that may follow.

You May Not Be Able To Choose Your Own Doctor

After your worker's compensation claim is approved, you might assume that you will be under the care of your normal doctor. Yet, the insurance company that is paying out these benefits will have tremendous power in determining the doctor that treats your injuries. Some states will allow injured workers to appeal the choice of doctor made by the insurer, but there will still be strict requirements in place to qualify for this type of appeal even when it is an option.


6 March 2018

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