Developing A Plan For Long Distance Custody After A Divorce

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Divorce is always hard on a family and the children need to have special consideration in how everything is handled. When it comes to custody, a good plan needs to be put in place so that both parents share the time with the kids. If you are divorcing and living apart over a long distance, this plan will be even more critical so everyone understands the expectations.

Deciding Custody

Before a plan can be put in place, the custody of the children needs to be decided. Will the split their time 50/50 with Mom and Dad or will they have a primary residence with one parent and visitation with the other? If the kids are old enough to understand the situation, don't be afraid to involve them in the decision as well. Once this has been decided, it will be easier to lay out a plan that works for everyone involved.

Setting Up A Plan

Once the custody has been decided, sit down and map out the time, including holidays, birthdays, and things like Mother's Day and Father's Day — then start assigning time. A good plan will take into account time with both parents, alternating major holidays, and making sure the kids are with Mom on her birthday, Mother's Day and other special holidays for her. Do the same for Dad. Spend some time on this and really discuss these dates, times, and responsibilities so everyone's clear on how this works.

Travel Considerations

When parents divorce and move a distance away from each other but share custody of the kids, one of the considerations that has to be addressed is travel. If the kids will be flying a lot, the cost associated needs to be taken into account. If the distance is drivable, determining who will take the kids to and from the homes or how to divide the driving should be part of your plan. No one parent should be left to shoulder these costs and it is important that this is put in writing so it is clear.

Emergency Situations

What happens in an emergency with your kids if they are at Mom's and there is an emergency? If the parents are far apart, an emergency custodian should be considered on each end. You will need to pick people that both parents accept and trust, and you want someone to be there for the kids until the other parent can arrive.

Put everything into your plan even if it seems like common sense so there is no question about what you want to happen with your kids. The plan can change down the road if necessary, but keep in mind that at this stage, it is important to provide a safe, stable environment for the kids.

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19 December 2016

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