3 Things You Should Never Do During A Divorce

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Most people know someone who has gone through a divorce. You may have a family member or loved one who has been divorced, or you may have seen it from afar, like a neighbor. Regardless, you are probably familiar with divorce and might even feel that you know what to expect with a divorce. It is important that if you choose to divorce that you understand that there are mistakes you can make, and these mistakes will cost you. Here are some things that you should avoid while divorcing.

1. You Should Never Move Out Of The House Without A Formal Separation Agreement

You have probably seen movies where one spouse storms out of the house and doesn't come back. Although this makes for good television it is not good legally. When you abandon the house, and/or the children, you forfeit some important rights. You have now given your spouse possession, which means that they can change the locks, and prevent you from getting back into the house, at least temporarily. You may have a difficult time getting back in to get clothing, and simple things to take care of yourself. Eventually, when the divorce is finalized you can get back into the house, but it may take a while. This is why you should get a formal separation agreement before leaving the house.

2. You Should Never Use The Children As Leverage

Children suffer greatly during a divorce, and parents can easily make things worse by using children as leverage. You may want more out of your spouse financially, so you fight to get full custody unless your ex-spouse gives you what you want. The problem is that children are not property. They are children who should be considered separate from the divorce. You must consider what is best for them, and in the majority of cases, it is best for children to have a solid relationship with both parents, even after the divorce is finalized.

3. You Shouldn't Start A New Relationship Until The Divorce Is Final

Just because you are in the middle of divorce proceedings doesn't mean that you are free to start new relationships. It will reflect badly on your case if it looks like you are unfaithful during the divorce. In addition, it could hurt your ability to get your children, and you may have to pay more in alimony. For this reason, hold off on all relationships until you are legally divorced.

By avoiding these mistakes you can protect yourself and click here for info about the divorce process. 


30 November 2016

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