How MMI Works & Affects Your Personal Injury Case

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When you are going after a personal injury case in order to receive financial compensation for medical injuries, it is vitally important that you understand the concept of maximum medical improvements.

What Maximum Medical Improvement Means

Maximum Medical Improvement is often referred to by lawyers and doctors as MMI. Many people wrongly assume that MMI means that you have reached a point where you no longer are in need of any medical care. However, that is not what it means to reach MMI. MMI is the point at which your doctor thinks you have reached your maximum potential to recover and progress from your injuries; it does not signify the end of your medical care, it just means that your doctor doesn't think you are going to improve further.

For example, imagine that you strained your shoulder and are only able to use it 50%, and through medical treatment, you are able to gain back an additional 25% usage, allowing you to use your shoulder up to 75%. At that point, your doctor may declare 75% usability your MMI because they don't believe you are going to get to 100% functional use again. That is how MMI works.

It is important to note that only a doctor can determine if you have reached MMI by examining your case and medical care; a lawyer or court cannot determine if you have reached MMI. Your doctor will provide you with a written statement that explains your injuries, your recovery process, and how the injuries you have sustained will permanently affect your physical abilities for the rest of your life.

How Maximum Medical Improvement Affects Your Personal Injury Case

There is a specific amount of time after you have been hurt that you can file a personal injury suit. You need to contact an attorney well before this date so that your attorney can research your case and determine how to move forward with your case.

Once you have filed your case, you need to reach MMI before your case can proceed forward . It is okay if it takes you additional time to reach an MMI state according to your doctor; what matters from a legal standpoint is that you have submitted and started your case.

Sometimes, you can move forward before MMI is determined; however, in order to get the most accurate settlement, usually both sides want to wait until MMI has been reached.

Once MMI has been reached, it is easier for you to determine your medical costs to reach MMI, and it is easier to estimate future medical costs as well to maintain and keep your progress at the same point.

Having your MMI from your doctor will help your attorney insure that you get a fair settlement that takes care of your needs now and into the future. For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer


28 September 2016

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