Things to Know If You Believe There Is a Warrant Out for You

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If you had recently been in trouble and failed to appear for your court date, there is a good chance the court may have issued a warrant. There are two main types of warrants courts issue, but both types need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Here are several tips to help you know how to handle this.

Find Out If There Is a Warrant

The first thing you may want to do is spend time researching your case to find out if there is a warrant out for you. If you have already hired a criminal-law attorney, you could call him or her to find this out. Your lawyer would be notified by the court if they had issued a warrant. If you do not currently have a lawyer, you could try to look up your case on your local county website. Many counties in most states have websites that offer this information, and anyone can view the details because the information is a matter of public record.

Find Out What Type of Warrant It Is

The two main types of warrants are bench warrants and arrest warrants. If you have an arrest warrant and are found by the police, they will take you to jail. If you have a bench warrant, you may also be taken to jail, but this type of warrant is not as severe. In most cases, bench warrants are used simply to bring a person to court; however, you may have to wait in jail until the court has a date for you to appear.

Turn Yourself In

While you may not want to go to jail, you may have a better chance of getting a reduced punishment if you willingly turn yourself in. Running from the law is not a good idea because eventually you will be found and caught. If you turn yourself in, at least you are showing that you care about the law and your future, and the judge might view this in a more favorable way.

You can turn yourself in using one of two methods. You could either go to the sheriff's office that has the warrant on you or visit a criminal-law attorney's office. Both options will work, but visiting a lawyer's office might be better. With this option, you can seek legal advice for your situation while you are still free.

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9 September 2016

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