3 Myths About Corporate Lawyers

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Becoming a corporate lawyer is something that many potential law students are interested in. They often image high salaries as well as boardroom meetings and court. Many also associate being a corporate lawyer with high stress and crazy work hours. While there may be a handful of corporate law jobs that fit the stereotype, the reality is usually quite different. Here are three common myths about corporate law.

It's Always High Paying

The salary for a corporate lawyer is somewhere between $66,000 and $170,000. There is a lot of variation in these numbers due to a variety of factors. Things like experience, employer, and even location can play a big role in how much a corporate lawyer takes home. Recent graduates of law school tend to fall on the low end of this salary range while experienced lawyers tend to fall on the high end. One thing that is true is that corporate law does on average pay more than what many other types of law pay. The average annual salary for lawyers in general is $133,470 while the average annual salary for a corporate lawyer working for companies and enterprises is $169,890. 

Time Is Split Between The Boardroom and Courtroom

Spending time in the courtroom is actually a rarity for many corporate lawyers. Corporate law is usually focused on drafting contracts and other business dealings. The main goal of many corporate lawyers is to make sure that their company's transactions are legal. Often this type of law is said to be closer to banking than to law. This doesn't mean that no time is spent int he courtroom. In fact, some companies do hire corporate lawyers just for litigation purposes. Either way, it is rare for a lawyer's time to be spent evenly between the boardroom and the courtroom

They Work All The Time

Like many jobs, sometimes law requires working nights and weekends. One myth of corporate lawyers is that they spend every waking moment at work. While some big law firms and corporate offices may require a lot of time spent on work, not all corporate lawyers work crazy hours. Many firms do require that their employees work somewhere between 60 and 80 hours a week. Other lawyers often end up working less depending on where they work and their responsibilities. 

Corporate law is something that many entering law school consider. Others may be turned off by this type of law's reputation. The truth is that it is a very diverse field of law. Some corporate lawyers spend hours in the courtroom while others spend the majority of their time in the boardroom. The salary earned varies greatly from job to job as do working hours. Contact a corporate lawyer, like Ashley West at Carter West Law, for more information.


15 February 2016

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