3 Reasons To Employ An Estate Attorney

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The key to getting through life with greater ease simply involves taking the time to plan. If you own an estate, you will want to make the proper arrangements for your family when you die. This is the best way to avoid putting a burden on your family and can assist your case in getting through the court system faster. If you are an estate owner, you may be interested in the many reasons to rely on an estate attorney to assist you.

Reason #1: Allocate your assets

In order to avoid the state you live in determining the family member or person that will be awarded your assets, you should create a customized list of this in advance. For instance, do you want to leave your antique desk to a distant cousin or your cash balance to your spouse? If so, the key to doing this with greater ease is by deciding beforehand your demise how your assets will be divided.

Reason #2: Create a trust

One of the advantages of working with an estate attorney is being able to set up at the trust. Creating a trust will allow you to many benefits that are listed below:

1.    You can put specific conditions regarding cash or assets you leave to others. For instance, if you feel that your child won't be responsible with money until the age of 21, you can ask this money not to be given until that time.

2.    You can have more protection from any creditors you may owe from filing a legal claim against your heirs.

3.    You will have the opportunity to choose a person that you trust explicitly to be the trustee of your estate.

Reason #3: Avoid probate

One of the challenges for any estate owner that doesn't create this plan is the possibility of family members having to go through a long court battle. This is referred to as probate and may take a great deal of time before these individuals will receive the items you have left behind.

Additionally, there are fees that are associated with probate, and these can be as steep as 7% of the estate's worth. 

It's important to have the peace of mind that accompanies planning your estate. This will allow you to know in advance how the things you have worked for your entire life will be distributed. Be sure to rely on the expertise of an estate attorney to assist you with this important task.


7 December 2015

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