How To Ensure A Good Fit Between You And Your Family Law Attorney

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Your divorce may have come and gone, but if you still have to deal with an angry, vengeful ex, then you need to keep a lawyer in your back pocket. You also need a family law attorney who is a good fit with you, your children and your expectations of what you want or hope to accomplish every time you return to court. If you do not have a lawyer that is passionate about his or her work, you may find that you are frequently frustrated with either a lack of results or the wrong results in your case. Here is how you can ensure the best fit between you and your family lawyer.

A Lawyer That Listens

If you meet with a new lawyer and you are constantly getting rebuffed, redirected or shut down, that lawyer is not listening to you. A lawyer that does not have the time or patience to listen to you during an initial consultation does not have the time or patience for you in court either. You absolutely need a lawyer that listens, no matter what your complaints or concerns are. When you find a lawyer that listens, you feel better about trials, hearings and even the small wins and gains you make in court. Thankfully, most lawyers are good listeners, and you may only run into a non-listening lawyer once in a while.

A Lawyer That Has Complete Objectivity

This is a harder one, because to be passionate about one's work means that one will not always be completely objective. However, you do not want a lawyer that is so subjective that he or she has already made up his or her mind about you as a client. Instead, find a passionate lawyer who is completely objective about the facts in your case, and not any hearsay or false statements. This is a lawyer who can get things done for you.

A Lawyer That Is Highly Organized and Efficient

You want a lawyer that is always on top of things, and is prepared well in advance to your court date. When things come up that are out of your control, you want your lawyer's advice or your lawyer's ability to flex (within reason). Last minute motions need to be filed, preferably, the day before the hearing, so if you work with an organized and efficient lawyer, you will both be happy about what you are trying to accomplish together.

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14 October 2015

Choosing To Fight

Although I am far from perfect, I have focused on abiding by the local laws for the vast majority of my life. Unfortunately, about five years ago, I realized that I was being accused of a crime that I didn't commit. I thought about letting the trial run its course, but then I realized that fighting would be important to ensure my future. I teamed up with a great lawyer, and things became much easier overnight. My legal counsel told me what to do and what to avoid, and he was able to prove the facts in a court of law. This blog is all about choosing to fight charges.