Should You Sue Or Settle Your Auto Accident Personal Injury Claim?

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You may have visions of needing to go to court to settle your auto accident personal injury claim, but there is a chance that you will be able to settle your claim with the other party outside of court. There are different advantages to suing and settling that you must understand before you make a decision about what you want to do.


Less Risk

A main reason that many people decide to settle outside of court is that they are afraid of what a jury will decide. There is always a chance that the jury will side with the other party and that you will walk away with nothing. A settlement guarantees you will receive the agreed upon amount, and if a settlement is not reached, a lawsuit is always an option.

Quick Payment And Fewer Fees

A settlement will also result in receiving your compensation quickly, since you will not need to go through the lengthy trial process to receive it. Not having a trial means that you will not need to pay attorney fees over the length of a trial. You'll also not need to take time off of work to attend court proceedings, which means more money back in your pocket.

Ease of a Demand Letter

Most settlements outside of court are as easy as writing a demand letter that the other party responds to. They may respond by giving you exactly what you wanted without any fuss.


Receive Due Compensation

If the other party responds to your demand letter by not offering enough compensation, you can take them to court for the full amount you feel that you deserve. It could result in a much bigger settlement if you win.

Court may be a necessity if the other party never responded to your demand letter, and settling outside of court was not even an option.

The Ability To Still Settle

Taking your case to court does not mean that a settlement is completely off the table. If at any time you and the other party agree on a settlement amount, you can skip the remaining court proceedings.

Righting An Injustice

The appeal of going to court could be from your desire to make sure the other party gets what they deserve. Having a judge or a jury rule in your favor could also provide you with an emotional victory as well as a monetary victory. Proving that you were right can sometimes be just as important as receiving compensation.

Always consult a personal injury lawyer about the decision that you want to make. They can advise you on the option that is best based on the specifics relating to your case.


23 July 2015

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