What To Do Legally If You Are Bit By A Dog

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If you sustained injuries from a neighbor's dog, fighting to have medical compensation paid is ideal if you believe your neighbor was aware that their dog was a risk to others. Some states have dog bite laws in place to help victims when they are bit by a dog, but in other states you need to do some research to prove that the owner is to blame for your injury. Here are some tips to use when fighting against a neighbor for medical compensation due to a bite you sustained from their pet.

Follow Medical Orders

As soon as you are bit, call for an ambulance to come to your aid. Make sure to follow all orders the doctors at the hospital give and take any medications prescribed so you will heal properly. If you fail to follow instructions, it will appear as if you were not as hurt as you claim. This can ruin your chances in receiving compensation.

File A Claim

A dog bite is usually covered by homeowner's insurance. The neighbor's insurance adjuster will come to your home to ask you questions about the incident. They will decide if you will receive any benefits as a result of the bite. If the insurance policy denies benefits, contact a personal injury lawyer right away to help you receive the monetary reimbursement you deserve.

Document Proof

In order to receive benefits after being bit, proof that the owner of the dog was aware of their demeanor is necessary. If your neighbor was unaware that their dog was violent, getting compensation is difficult. Some of the points that can help your case include:

  • Noticing the dog was muzzled at certain times
  • Placement of a "beware of dog" sign on your neighbor's property
  • Your neighbor warned people about the dog being aggressive
  • The dog fought with other dogs or animals in the neighborhood
  • Other neighbors have made complaints to the owner or to the police about the dog
  • The dog is of a known vicious breed, such as a pit bull or doberman pinscher

Gather witnesses from around your neighborhood to help you prove that the dog was dangerous. Have neighbors write statements to give to your lawyer and ask if they would be willing to come to court on your behalf, if necessary. Take pictures of the neighbor's property if there are chains, fences, or signs present that show they were aware of their dog's demeanor. To learn more, contact a professional like Whiting, Hagg, Hagg, Dorsey & Hagg.


30 April 2015

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