What To Do When You Fall In A Grocery Store

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Going grocery shopping is something you likely do all the time, and you never expect to run into any danger while within the store's walls. When you fall on the property, however, be it due to liquid on the floor, overcrowded aisles, or an uneven parking lot, you can land in a lot of medical and financial problems. Learn what to do when you fall in a grocery store, so you can get the assistance you need.

Let management know immediately

As soon as you fall, alert management to the situation. They will fill out an incident report to record the accident. You will need to let them know where you fell, how you fell, and of any injuries you may have. Even if you feel alright, insist upon going to a doctor, and make sure this is noted in any incident report that the manager will have to file. You should receive a copy of the incident report as well. Take pictures of where you fell, especially if there is liquid or items on the floor that caused your accident, and also take pictures of any injuries you have for evidence.

Obtain a personal injury lawyer

Even if the grocery store owners promise to pay for all your medical bills, you want to hire a personal injury lawyer to protect you and fight for your medical and financial expenses that will likely come your way due to any injuries you may have from your fall. With your lawyer's help, you can schedule appointments with the best doctor's for your injuries and file any insurance claims and make sure they are billed to the store's headquarters. Your personal injury lawyer will also be the one to take over when it comes to representing you to the grocery store's manager, owner, and other people who are in charge who will have interest in your welfare.

Follow up

Even if you feel alright after your fall, don't just assume an injury cannot present itself as a problem later. Follow up with your lawyer after a few months to make sure that the grocery store will still claim responsibility for any delayed injury due to your fall. A delayed injury could be back pain, whip lash, or other issue that you may not notice right away. Your lawyer may suggest keeping their services for several months after your injury, just in case you need repeat services in the future. Only discontinue services of a lawyer after your doctor has given you a full bill of health and releases you from their care and all your expenses have been covered by the store in which you fell.

When you fall in a grocery store, you can encounter a lot of pain and frustration. A personal injury attorney like one from Dunnigan & Messier P.C. can help make things right again and protect you, so you don't have to pay for your injuries on your own, no matter how long they may last.  


23 February 2015

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