Why You Should Accept Your Right To An Independent Blood Test

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When you breathe into a breathalyzer, you might expect that the device will show that you weren't drinking or that you may have not had that much. However, you may later discover that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit. After being incarcerated for a DUI, it is often a good idea to seek an independent blood test.  Always Accept an Independent Blood Test Oftentimes, you are given the option of an independent blood test after a breathalyzer and blood test have been performed.

9 July 2019

4 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Auto Accident Case

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After being involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you could be thinking about filing a lawsuit against the responsible party and his or her insurance company. This is common, and it can help you with things like paying your medical bills and making up for lost income related to the accident. There are certain mistakes that some people make when handling these cases, though, that can cost them their case.

29 May 2019

Why Drinking And Boating Is Even Worse

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You are not allowed to drink and boat in any of the 50 states in the United States. Not drinking while boating is very important because more than half of all boating accidents are the result of drinking while boating. As a result, there are serious and large penalties for making this decision, including fines and imprisonment. You may also have your boat operator license revoked. Effects of Inebriation  Those driving boats are more likely to become impaired compared with those who drive a car while intoxicated.

27 April 2019

Six Things You Can Do To Lower Your Company's Lawsuit Risk

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Lawsuits regularly devastate small businesses. However, they can be avoided in most cases by small business owners who take the proper precautions. You need to be aware of the lawsuit risk and plan around it to ensure the continued success of your small business. The following are six things you should be doing to lower your company's risk of having to deal with a lawsuit: Always have contracts drawn up by an experienced attorney

27 March 2019

Three Ways To Approach Returning To Work On Light Duty

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While there are certainly some on-the-job injuries that will prevent you from ever working again, the goal of most people who are hurt at work is to eventually resume their career. It might not be advisable to jump right into the job, however, which means that your workers' compensation attorney will likely advocate for — and negotiate on your behalf — the idea of you getting back to work on what is known as light duty.

20 February 2019

When Law Enforcement Performs A Search

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Searches, in the legal sense, allow law enforcement officers to obtain evidence connected to a crime. Our justice system treats those accused of crimes as innocent, so using searches to seek evidence is so customary that few people give it much thought. Until you or a loved one has been subject to a search, you might just assume that law enforcement must present a search warrant before they carry out a search, but that is not always the case.

14 January 2019

Six Mistakes Clients Often Make When Going To Their First Meeting With A Family Lawyer

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If you're going through a divorce or a custody battle and need a family attorney, meeting with an attorney for the first time can feel a little intimidating or overwhelming. However, if you know what to expect, you'll handle the experience better. By avoiding the following six mistakes, you'll get off to a good start with your family lawyer and you'll get on track to resolving your family dispute without stress and unpleasant surprises.

5 December 2018

3 Tips To Pass Your Marriage Green Card Interview


Were you recently married? Are either you or your spouse a resident of a foreign country? Are you planning on making your new home together in the United States? If so, you may be in the process of applying for a green card, which allows an immediate family member of an American citizen, like a spouse, apply for legal residency in the United States. There are a number of steps in the green card application process.

24 October 2018

Defective Products: When You Definitely Should Sue

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Defective products are all around you. Most days and times you shrug off what happens, declare "That is what happens when you buy cheap stuff!", and move on. However, when the products cost you a lot more money, you cannot shake it off. Defective products can also damage or hurt you. That is the time to take legal action. The following reasons all show when you should definitely sue the manufacturer for a defective product.

2 September 2018

Justifiable Reasons For Hiring A Speeding Ticket Attorney When The Ticket Costs Less Than The Attorney's Fees

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You were recently pulled over for speeding.  The ticket you received was unbelievable. You do not want, or cannot afford, to pay it. What are you going to do? There are speeding ticket attorneys, but when all is said and done, most speeding tickets cost hundreds, even thousands less than hiring an attorney. Ergo, what justification does one have for hiring a lawyer to fight a a speeding ticket? Well, actually, there are some justifiable reasons, and they make complete sense.

10 August 2018